Getting back to the office after lockdown

                                            Andrew Parker | 03 Jun 2020

                                            How should organisations transition teams back to the office once lockdown measures are eased? Here's how one employer is approaching a return to the ‘new normal?and the factors that need to be considered.

                                            The COVID era calls for a brand of leadership we have seen before

                                            Christos Tsolkas

                                            What kind of leader do you need to be in a crisis? Just as there are different kinds of crises, so there are different kinds of leadership. So what approach to leadership is called for now with COVID-19?

                                            Honest feedback can make you a better leader

                                            Jim Barnett

                                            We humans are often very poor at self-awareness. But anyone who sees themselves as a leader can’t afford to be complacent, and emerging leaders in particular need honest feedback.

                                            Remote working in the post-pandemic world

                                            Jan Schwarz

                                            When the coronavirus pandemic is over, many businesses will have to decide if, when and how they will bring employees back to the office, or whether they will keep encouraging staff to work from home.

                                            Harnessing natural intelligence

                                            Rosie Tomkins

                                            All change brings new opportunities. The tree that looks almost dead in the winter bursts with blossom in spring. The frozen wasteland delivers a bountiful harvest in the autumn. As business leaders, we can learn a lot from nature.

                                            Open questions, open communication

                                            Wayne Turmel

                                            Working remotely, we miss the non-verbal signals we see when working face-to-face. That's why asking open questions is one of the most critical skills the manager of a remote team can possess.

                                            Will employment litigation derail recovery?

                                            Alan Jenkins

                                            It’s all very well governments wanting to get people back to work. But if employers risk litigation or prosecution if staff contract COVID-19, many will conclude that it simply isn’t worth the risk of re-opening.

                                            From the archive

                                            Morale: a moving target

                                            Duane Dike

                                            What we think we know about morale is probably wrong, especially the black and white notion that morale is either ‘good?or ‘bad? Like most human feelings, morale is a moving target, which is why being sensitive to its nuances is such a key skill for leaders.

                                            Dan Bobinski

                                            How multitasking and e-mail waste time

                                            Dan Bobinski

                                            Why is it that some people get so much done in a day while others operate at a hectic pace with little to show for it? Strange as it may seem, the answer may lie in too much multitasking.

                                            Yves Doz

                                            Will Apple be the next Nokia?

                                            Yves Doz

                                            Amid changing consumer tastes and a stunning slowdown in smartphone sales, what does the future hold for Apple and its global tech rivals?

                                            John Blackwell

                                            Addressing the communication continuum

                                            John Blackwell

                                            For all the improvements in communications technologies over the past 15 years, has the effectiveness of our organisations actually improved? And if so, how?

                                            Max McKeown

                                            Innovate your way out of recession

                                            Max McKeown

                                            The best way to deal with a recession is not to hide until the storm has passed, it's to innovate your way out of it. If you sit still, you'll get left behind. While your competitors are full of uncertainty and doubt, you can introduce innovations that others cannot easily imitate.

                                            Earlier opinion

                                            Key skills for virtual leaders

                                            Wayne Turmel

                                            Suddenly finding yourself sitting at home leading a virtual team is a tough call, particularly with everything else that's going on in the world. So here are seven key behaviors that will make the task of virtual working much easier.

                                            How to manage employees remotely

                                            Hannah Prince

                                            Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, working from home is now the new normal. But for managers unused to remote team working , this will pose some serious challenges.

                                            I think differently and that's OK

                                            James M. Kerr

                                            Conventional wisdom says that firms need access to experts from their industry to help them develop strategies that will separate them from the competition. But in reality, nothing can be further from the truth!

                                            Collaborative technologies and the Coronavirus crisis

                                            Sébastien Ricard

                                            With the global spread of Coronavirus, how can companies leverage the digital workplace to keep employees safe, limit the loss of productivity and adapt work practices successfully during the crisis?

                                            How different is leading remotely?

                                            Wayne Turmel

                                            If you've never led a remote team and you're worried about how you might cope if the Coronavirus puts you in that position, fear not. For a competent team leader, the differences aren't as great as you might think.

                                            Managing in the Wiki World

                                            Rod Collins

                                            With the rapid emergence of the Digital Age, top-down, command-and-control management has had its day. Instead, today's organisations need to leverage collective intelligence and shared understanding.

                                            Improve strategic alignment through better metrics

                                            James M. Kerr

                                            People pay attention to what they’re measured by. So the best way to get a behavior change is to measure to the new behavior intended to be instituted.

                                            Seven characteristics of remarkable businesses

                                            Andy Hanselman

                                            What makes a business remarkable? What gets people talking about it and recommending it to others? The simple answer is that they are dramatically and demonstrably different.

                                            There’s nothing soft about the heart

                                            Wayne Turmel

                                            Every animal depends on its heart for its existence. And exactly the same is true of an organization, except that rather than a multi-chambered muscle, an organization relies on leadership, managers and flows of information.

                                            Learning is a process, not a result

                                            Duane Dike

                                            None of us learn to read, ride a bike or pack a suitcase in a day. So understanding that learning is a process, not an event is fundamental to creating learning cultures rather than environments based on rote or blind faith.

                                            It's not what you know, it's how fast you learn

                                            Rod Collins

                                            The secret to market success in a rapidly-changing world has less to do with what you know and much more to do with how fast you learn.

                                            You may be a workplace hero without realising it

                                            Nadav Klein

                                            Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, whether in life or in the workplace. But they all have one thing in common: they don’t see themselves as heroes.

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